First time in India, world’s best lubricants from POLYTRON USA.

Use POLYTRON MTC with your regular engine oil in 10% mix along with POLYTRON Fuel Conditioner with fuel in 0.1% mix and double your heavy truck’s life!

  • Our customer’s from around the world are saving up to 60% on their heavy truck’s maintenance cost.
  • Combination of POLYTRON MTC and POLYTRON FUEL CONDITIONER provides magical results which convert up to INR 1.5 lacs saving on every truck.
  • POLYTRON products extend the average life of engine to double and more which results in huge savings.
  • POLYTRON products save up to 30% of the truck’s initial cost within 10 years of life.



Introduction Heavy Trucks

Truck fleet owners, around the world, bet upon POLYTRON products. Now it’s your turn!

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