Polytron Benefits

POLYTRON MTC (Metal Treatment Concentrate) is a uniquely blended petroleum based formula that is compatible with all motor oils, gear oils, and other lubricants. POLYTRON MTC contains no plastic particles, PTFE resins, molybdenum disulfide, lead or any other solids.

Each one of the lubricants contains a revolutionary High-Tech proprietary package that is based on Micro-Metallurgical technology which converts (under heat and pressure generated by friction) metallic friction surfaces to significantly harder, long lasting and highly smooth surfaces, which translates into much lower friction and almost complete elimination of wear.

 Among the main features of Polytron lubricants and technological packages:

1. They eliminate wear of engine/equipment parts (Life engines or any other equipment is extended 600% to 900% )

2. They keep engine/equipment completely clean from any deposits.

3. They make engines and other equipment run cooler and quieter.

4. They contribute to a considerable reduction in vibrations.

5. They extend oil change intervals 300% to 600%.

6. They make injectors and fuel pumps last 100% longer.

7. They contribute to considerable savings in fuel and oil. Mileage of automobiles improves minimum by 15%.

8. Engines and equipment are protected for some time in the event of loss of lubricant.

9. They reduce exhaust pollutants 40% to 60% (in many mining industries in closed areas it is a very important factor to reduce health hazards). (They can be offered to municipalities and transportation authorities, truck and earth movers fleet owners, individual car and bike owners to dramatically reduce smog problems in cities.)

10. Their use results in savings in maintenance costs by up to 60% and downtime by up to 90%.

11. Can be used in any machinery and equipment with the same dramatic results. (Cars, Bikes, Trucks, Buses, Excavators, JCBs, Earthmovers, Generators, Marine Engines, Gearboxes, Axles, Machine tools, etc)

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