First time in India, world’s best lubricants from POLYTRON USA.

Use POLYTRON MTC with your regular engine oil in 10% mix along with POLYTRON Fuel Conditioner with fuel in 0.1% mix and convert your old car into NEW!

This magic formula will make your car’s engine new again. You will feel INSTANT RESULTS in fuel efficiency up to 20%  and increased power in your engine. Pick up of your car will improve drastically.

Advantages of using POLYTRON MTC and POLYTRON FC:

  • They eliminate wear of engine/equipment parts (Life of engines or any other equipment is extended 600% to 900% )
  • They keep engine/equipment completely clean from any deposits.
  • They make engines and other equipment run cooler and quieter.
  • They contribute to a considerable reduction in vibrations.
  • They extend oil change intervals 300% to 600%.
  • They make injectors and fuel pumps last 100% longer.
  • They contribute to considerable savings in fuel and oil. Mileage of automobiles improves minimum by 15%.
  • Engines and equipment are protected for some time in the event of loss of lubricant.

POLYTRON MTC Metal Treatment Concentrate is a uniquely blended petroleum based formula that is compatible

with all motor oils, gear oils and other lubricants.

Car racers around the world, bet upon POLYTRON products. Now it’s your turn!

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