Polytron Lubricant Increases your engine life.

Polytron is a Lubrication Technology based on Micro-Metallurgical Process. Until 1994, Polytron was primarily used by ARMIES. Mainly in Helicopters, Armored Tanks & Submarines. Now it is commercially available in India. Can be used in any automobile engine i.e. cars, bikes, trucks, earth-movers, marines, gearboxes, generator sets. Polytron reduces the maintenance cost by 50% and increases fuel efficiency minimum by 15%. Guaranteed results are observed in Automobile and Industrial usage.

We, Vaibkush Solutions, have brought Polytron Lubricants in India, to help all the automobile and industries in reducing the friction of all types and increase the profitability thru cutting the maintenance cost and operational downtime. We are committed to our best services and quality of the product. To understand more about these magical Polytron Lubricants products, please contact us thru our “Contact Us” page and we will help you.